04 August, 2021

Who's Afraid Of The BJP?

The UPA and secularists. Why else would they worry after this blooper?

Sandeep Adhwaryu
Who's Afraid Of The BJP?
The first act of the Ram Setu affidavit drama, which saw the UPA government banishing Lord Ram only to restore him to millions of his devotees 48 hours later, is over. But it has in the interim revealed three facets of Indian public life. First, even 60 years after the departure of 'aliens', the country's establishment is dominated by the alienated; otherwise such an offensive affidavit would not have been possible. Second, with the massive public response against the government move, the spectre of the BJP gaining support is haunting the Congress. This alone can explain its quick withdrawal of the affidavit from the Supreme Court. Third, most of the 'secularists' have learned their lesson vis-a-vis Hindu sentiments.

The affidavit in fact negated all that constitutes this ancient nation. If you take Ram out of India, what will remain will be yet another Pakistan or Bangladesh. The residual India will not be the India we know of, where differences in language or way of worship are not merely tolerated but respected. Why do governments in...

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