11 April, 2021

Who Will Eat Crow?

Who Will Eat Crow?

As the crow flies, through hedge and ditch, the homophonic equivalent of the raven’s call is on the nation’s lips. But it’s a divisive cry, prefixed pro or anti. Patriot or traitor, depending on the side one takes. It’s CAA, more of a caw. And everyone has a crow to pluck, even an open university in Prayagraj, nee Allahabad. It has started a three-month certificate course to spread awareness about CAA and “clear the fog” around it. “We want the intent of the government and Parliament to reach the people in a credible and verifiable manner. In addition, we want to put to rest misconceptions and the babble around it. It’s a law to give citizenship, not take it away,” says Kameshwar Nath Singh, vice chancellor of Uttar Pradesh Rajarshi Tandon Open University.

Yes, CAA—short for the Citizenship (Amendment) Act—will make persecuted non-Muslims from three neighbouring countries Indian citizens. Understood. It is also understood that Assam was up with the crows in protest against CAA when it was passed last...

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