08 March, 2021

Who Should Be Next President?

Political guy or corporate czar, actor or activist? Outlook weighs a few names

Jitender Gupta
Who Should Be Next President?

Summer 2012 will see one debate generate considerable heat: who should be the next President of India after President Pratibhatai Devisingh Patil retires this July. The head of state of the Republic of India, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, and yes, ideally speaking, also the nation’s conscience-keeper. Political circles are abuzz with a few names who could wear these hats; who, if any of them, will eventually occupy Rashtrapati Bhavan depends on a number of political permutations and combinations.

Pundits and professionals, depending on their own persuasions, are divided in their opinion on whether the next president of the country should be a career politician or someone non-political but held in high regard; the scale tilts towards the former. “The president has a constitutional responsibility and defined constitutional role that must be discharged in a non-partisan manner,” says Dr Ajit Ranade, economist and one of the founders of the Association for Democratic Reform (ADR). “We should not be...

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