29 July, 2021

White, Grey, Dirt-Brown

A book that wishes "the freedom struggle had never ended"

White, Grey, Dirt-Brown
Acomprehensive survey of the contemporary Indian national scene-littered with seemingly insoluble problems-is impossible to achieve. R.G.K. has made his task more manageable by breaking up his subject into convenient segments-each of which is self-contained but is also a part of a sequential unity ranging from the colonial backdrop to the turbulence of post-Independence India.

R.G.K. covers familiar ground-the daunting problems since freedom was won, the unavoidable lament. Yet he has some interestingly controversial points to make. For example, his "wish that the freedom struggle had never come to an end" or his reference to the top people in the pre-Independence generation as "great individuals, men and women cast in a heroic mould".

The idealism and zeal of the freedom movement are indeed admirable and the towering personalities that dominated the run-up to Independence were undoubtedly outstanding people. Yet, did the mindset of the freedom fighters qualify them to serve as the architects of an independent nation? And weren't the heroic individuals...

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