02 March, 2021

Where Guns Never Sleep

It’s where the hostility turns deadly-the LoC is a line drawn in blood

Where Guns Never Sleep

The Line of Control bleeds every day. Sometimes it’s the men in uniform who die, at times innocent civilians. The killings might leave family members wailing, but their screams are invariably buried in the accusations New Delhi and Islamabad hurl at each other. Delhi blames the bloodletting on Pakistan, which it claims wants to internationalise the Kashmir issue especially when US President Bill Clinton is to visit South Asia. Pakistan denies the allegations and, in turn, accuses India of indulging in killings across the LoC.

Gen Pervez Musharraf says Pakistan is not for war with India, he believes Clinton can contribute in defusing the tension in the region. But he also reiterates that talks between the two countries should revolve around Kashmir. "There’s no other dispute with India," he stated in his very first speech to the nation after taking over in Pakistan on October 12, ‘99. Asked about the heightened tension along the LoC and whether it has anything to do with Clinton’s visit, most leading security experts and analysts feel it to be an...

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