25 June, 2021

When I Got His Elbow

Injury itself did not frustrate him, not being able to play did

When I Got His Elbow

Sachin first presented the elbow to me at Heath­row airport of all places. We were in transit on our way to Holland for a tournament in August 2004. He just asked me to look at it quickly. It didn’t seem to bother him at the time as it was more stiffness than anything from intensive batting in the previous week, hitting hours of wet tennis balls at the mig nets. He did say he hadn’t practised like that for a long time. There are a couple of quick tests we use to help differentiate and localise pain with tennis elbow, and these were positive. I was immediately concerned because I knew that treatment outcomes for this injury are poor. I pretty much told him that I hate treating tennis elbows because they don’t often respond to treatment. I was also concerned because a period of active rest was required, and international batsmen didn’t have the luxury of resting. He gave me a smile and said it will all settle down quickly. So, sitting at Heathrow he was still pretty positive.

It actually did settle quite quickly initi­ally in Holland with...

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