28 July, 2021

When Headhunters Came To Corbett Country

Jim Corbett might have put Kumaon on the map, but a new brand of entrepreneurship focused on rural Uttarakhand looks to unlock its potential

Narendra Bisht
When Headhunters Came To Corbett Country

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  • Because the home minister contends crime occurs because metros attracts more migrants...with unacceptable behaviour


Peora is a tiny picturesque hamlet, almost hidden amid the giant pine and oak trees, sitting at above 6,000 feet in the highlands of Kumaon in Uttarakhand. Kamala Bisht’s father is a poor farmer in Peora who dabbles in the real estate business during the tough months when his fields lie fallow. Life for Kamala’s family has always been about limited means, uncertainty and an unspoken frugality. Last year, though, things started to look up when Kamala joined B2R, a rural BPO slowly and silently spreading its wings over the Kumaon hills. “I would have been sitting at home doing nothing. But we have found a new means of livelihood in the village,” says Kamala cheerfully. Pratap Negi had resigned himself to the fact that, like his elder brother who...

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