30 November, 2020

When Billy The Kid Met The Playboy Bunny

When Billy The Kid Met The Playboy Bunny

LOVE and bullets, Charlie." That Bronsonian parting line which defined the Americas of the swinging seventies has given way to a far more direct end-of-the-millennium mantra: sex and guns. Preferably lots of it. Nothing, but nothing, brings out the great American paradox better than those two words. A nation that prides itself on its moral permissiveness wallows in its president's tawdry affair with an intern, to the extent that they now know more about his sexual life than that of their best friend's. And while the parents are piously busy, bombing Iraq or Sudan, New York kindergartens are being equipped with metal detectors to prevent kids armed with handguns from shooting at their classmates every now and then.

A nation that gave the world Playboy and Penthouse, Demi Moore and Pamela Anderson, while extolling the wares of dildo shops and peep shows, a nation whose porn industry can wipe out the national debt of most Third World nations, gets into a prurient huff because its president is an adulterer. As for the other phallic...



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