11 May, 2021

Wheeling Into New Frontiers

The roads are reverberating with a tough, reliable and new crossover: women chauffeurs

Dinesh Parab
Wheeling Into New Frontiers

Until six months ago, Meeti Sethi, a single professional with poor vision, struggled to get to office every morning. Since her elderly parents weren’t keen on a male driver, Meeti, who works with an NGO in Delhi, had to depend on autorickshaws to get around the city. Life changed overnight when she discovered it was possible to hire a woman chauffeur. Sakha Consulting Wings, which is helping women do what in India is still seen as a man’s job, provided her with the services of 28-year-old Shanti, a stable, mature, single mother of three, who now drives Meeti to work, escorts her to meetings and gives her, as she puts it, “the sense of independence” she has been struggling for in a city with a poor public transport system and few facilities for the disabled. “With Shanti, it’s like driving with a friend.”


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