21 June, 2021

What's Up, Guv?

Thanks to its superior campaigning skills, the BJP and allies emerge the single largest formation but Shibu Soren walks away with the chief ministerial post. That's politics. Updates

Narendra Bisht
What's Up, Guv?
The script is tailor-made for the BJP's brand of agitational politics. First came the sweets and the laddoos—the party had put up a respectable show in Bihar along with its ally, the JD(U). Then came the icing on the cake—the Jharkhand verdict. The BJP had emerged the single largest party, getting 30 seats in a house of 81. Along with its ally, the JD(U), it was just five short of a majority in the hung house. This was a huge cause for celebration in a state where the BJP's obituary was being written even before the assembly elections had kicked off.

But hardly had the marigold garlands turned dry in Ranchi came the shock decision of Governor Syed Sibtey Razi to invite the Congress-JMM alliance to form the government. JMM leader Shibu Soren was sworn in as chief minister and asked to prove his majority by March 21. Naturally, the BJP is crying foul. In Delhi, party president L.K. Advani called it the "murder of democracy" and "reminiscent of the Emergency". In Jharkhand, party and Sangh parivar cadres hit the streets in protest. Car windows were smashed and several...

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