13 June, 2021

What’s Best For The Kid?

Families need to know where to go for medical help and when

What’s Best For The Kid?

When we examined the Gorakhpur incident, where scrub typhus is causing encephalitis and resulting in death, we found a lot needed to be addressed at the family and community level. Besides sanitation and knowing when a child is really sick, families also need to be clear on where to go for medical help and when. This year, the Dastak programme for prevention was launched in Uttar Pradesh before the encephalitis season. A working group of the government, UNICEF and NGOs was engaged to give communities clear knowledge of the danger signs of enc­ephalitis and what to do when they appear. A lot of encephalitis fatalities are preventable, but families and communities need to recognise things are under their control—a sense that comes if one ensures babies, male or female, are exc­lusively breastfed for six months, given complementary feeding and taken to the right healthcare provider without delay.


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