25 November, 2020

What The Vet Said

Beef in the bathroom? Dadri sees an echo in Dewas: except, the cops arrived.

Vivek Pateria
What The Vet Said

Where’s The Beef?

  • In 2014-15, India was the biggest exporter of buffalo meat. Its 2.4 mn tonnes beat Brazil’s 2 mn.
  • After rice, buffalo meat is the second largest Indian export. Revenue: Rs 32,000 crore.
  • A 2007 FAO report put consumption of beef in India at 26 lakh tonnes. Pork: 14 L, mutton: 6 L.


Unlike in Dadri last year, when a mob materialised out of now­here in the night to lynch Moha­mmed Akhlaq on suspicion of cow slaughter, a mob collected outside the house of Anwar Mev (44) around eleven in the morning. It was January 27, 2016. Again unlike last year, the mob made no effort to gatecrash but was content to raise slogans calling for death to the ‘killers’. Soon the police arrived. They claim to have seized 10 to 12 bags of raw meat ‘hidden’ in various places, including the bathroom, from the house of this middle-rung BJP leader in this district of Malwa region.

“The crowd was restive and felt the...



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