11 May, 2021

What Recruiters Want

Well, what they don’t want is a white elephant recruit

Illustration by Saahil
What Recruiters Want

Over the last month, B-schoolers have received seemingly contradictory news. Some articles bemoan the ‘crisis’ facing them, others talk up expected placements. This is the season when candidates start shortlisting B-schools to apply to, and companies start the process of recruitment of students. So are B-schools really doing badly? Is a B-school degree still relevant? What is the reality? How to sift reliably good news from the bad? The depressing view on B-schools was presented in an ASSOCHAM report that talks about B-schools closing down and difficulties students face in finding placement. It suggests a dual cause for this. Issues on the demand side, with economic slowdown and consequent reduction in hiring; and supply side issues like oversupply of management graduates, and inadequacies in the education of these graduates.

An ET article says placeme­nts in top B-schools are likely to be good. Pre-placement offers are very strong this year, and the economy is looking up. I believe the report refers primarily to 2013 figures. The mood is more...

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