21 June, 2021

What It Means To Live Under The Airless Veil

Islamic orthodoxy is a blight on our enlightened times. Why no protests?

What It Means To Live Under The Airless Veil
Tennis prodigy and India's hope for the world tennis crown, Sania Mirza, says she won't be taking to the Indian tennis courts in the near future. Reason: she is "tired" of the constant criticism of her sports uniform and other off- and on-court behaviour by orthodox Muslims. In the follow-up, several newspapers have lambasted this orthodoxy and asked the liberals why they were so silent. Had it been some hothead from the Hindu extremists, the entire liberal "secular establishment" would have jumped on the critic bandwagon and, for good measure, dragged in the BJP into their web of opprobrium.

India is a secular country because of its ancient, pluralistic and catholic Vedic traditions, now reflected through its Constitution. Yet Islamic orthodoxy is able to threaten its members into falling in line with its own warped version of conduct, including the dress code writ in its religious laws. In such situations, the 'secularists' generally either remain silent or line up with the fundamentalist sections, a la the Shah Bano case, the Vande...

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