26 November, 2020

What If We Had A Uniform Civil Code?

It would have removed one of the most potent causes of inter-community misgivings in India. India would have been a modern, democratic and truly secular republic.

What If We Had A Uniform Civil Code?
A few things wouldn’t have happened if a uniform civil code (UCC) had been introduced when the Constitution was promulgated in 1950. For instance, there would have been no need for a separate Hindu Code Bill in 1955, which led to a virtual showdown between the community’s conservative and liberal sections, represented by then President, Dr Rajendra Prasad, and Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, respectively. Nehru would not have been accused, perhaps unfairly, of pushing the enactment through primarily to facilitate daughter Indira’s divorce from estranged husband Feroze Gandhi.

In later years, Khalistani separatists wouldn’t have agitated for declubbing the community from the purview of Hindu personal law. Their grouse was largely that under Hindu personal law, even married daughters are entitled to a share of the father’s property. Additionally, Catholic practices relating to marriage, adultery and divorce wouldn’t have been a cause of agitation in Kerala and other parts of South India. Consequently, equal treatment of women would have been the norm rather than the...



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