31 October, 2020

'We've To Win Over The People'

The only way to win the war against terrorism is to get the people to understand who is the enemy

'We've To Win Over The People'

THERE is only one classical method of fighting terrorism whether in Punjab or Kashmir or Ireland. The strategy will be the same.Terrorism can be either ideological or of the nationalist variety. Ideological terrorism originates mostly in the universities. It involves young students who are susceptible to the influences of their teachers. Their numbers are limited and this form of terrorism is quickly vanquished.

The nationalist form of terrorism is based on emotions. It is much more difficult to eradicate. Emotions can centre around religion or language or ethnic identity. In India, we have experienced mainly the nationalist form of terrorism, first in Punjab and more recently in Kashmir.

When emotions are aroused the population does not pause to weigh the rights and wrongs of the acts of their co-religionists. There is natural sympathy of the community for those who purport to fight for their cause. The state is then hardpressed to restore sanity as the population sympathises with the terrorists. The state immediately inducts...



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