02 March, 2021

'We've A Chance In 48 Seats'

UPCC chief Salman Khursheed is upbeat about reviving the Congress in UP. Excerpts from an interview:

'We've A Chance In 48 Seats'

What are Congress prospects in UP?
With the marginal shift in votes and attitude we’re in fighting mode in 23 seats where we’d lost by 6,000 to 20,000 votes last time. With the dilution of the BJP and the SP hold and consolidation of our Dalit vote, we confirm those seats and have a fighting chance in another 25.

Did the Vajpayee regime’s fall change the situation?
The sympathy wave is limited to Vajpayee. And people are saying it’s dissipated very quickly.

Will swadeshi vs videshi work?
No. Even in the assembly polls, it was Vajpayee versus Sonia. A vote for the Congress was a vote against Vajpayee.

Will people forgive Congress for not preventing the Masjid’s demolition?
We failed to stop something that hurt people. We’ve come clean. Mulayam does not want the hurt to go. If Hindus and Muslims unite, the SP suffers. Minus the BJP, Mulayam loses his raison d’etre. Amar Singh should explain his stand. He was an aicc member. Yet he didn’t leave because of the masjid.

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