17 June, 2021

'We're Not Anti-Elections, We're Against Politicians'

The recommendations by the former CEC panel on keeping politicians off campuses once again leave the politicos in a tizzy.

Jitender Gupta
'We're Not Anti-Elections, We're Against Politicians'
When he was CEC, J.M. Lyngdoh made no secret of his dislike for the political class. Now out of office, he remains as sceptical of the breed. Six months ago, the Union HRD ministry, following Supreme Court directions, appointed a six-member committee under his chairmanship to suggest a roadmap for the peaceful conduct of elections on Indian campuses. The panel, after visiting major colleges across the country, submitted its report to the apex court last week and strongly recommended that politicians be kept off campuses. Expectedly, this has offended politicians, both practising and aspiring. In an interview to Anuradha Raman, Lyngdoh spells out how to keep campus elections clean.

The political class and students alike are perturbed by your recommendations. They're particularly angry at your panel's attempts to keep politicians out of colleges...

The reaction's quite understandable. We didn't want politicians swarming the campuses. The panel has specifically recommended that they be kept out of the political affairs of colleges. They have no business...

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