09 May, 2021

Well Connected

If reforms have improved the lot of the ordinary Indian, it is primarily due to the telecom revolution

Well Connected

We breathe, eat, and drink telecom," said Sunil Mittal, chairman of the Rs 1,000-crore Bharti Enterprises, in a recent interview to this magazine. This holds true not only for the successful CEO but for every Indian who wants to make the grade in a market which has, effectively, ‘shrunk’ to a global village.

India is a changed land following the telecom revolution triggered by the New Telecom Policy initiated in 1994. Prior to this, in April 1986, a pioneering state-administered project titled the ‘Mission: Better Communications’ was launched. Its objective was to enhance subscribers’ satisfaction by improving services and to increase connectivity in rural areas in a time-bound manner. To provide improved telecom services, two thrust areas were recognised. These were modernisation of existing telegraph services and setting up of a national digital network.

Telecom, which was in effect a preserve of the elite, has since then become a partner in progress for the masses. The revolution in the telecommunications sector has affected not only its...

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