07 May, 2021

Welcome To Babelonia

The ministry tries to pacify cellcos but they and their pet peeve, WLL operators, stay at loggerheads More Coverage

Welcome To Babelonia
For two years running, limited mobility has triggered unlimited acrimony in the telecom industry. But today, while the issue remains in the courts and the two factions are busy garnering support, is communications minister Pramod Mahajan trying to put his weight behind cellular operators?

The minister recently went on record issuing a stern warning to WLL operators saying that all those willing to offer unlimited mobility will have to shell out additional licence fees and become the fifth or sixth operator in circles. For this, licence fee would be frozen at fourth-round rates. He also pointed out that this could actually be a precursor to unlimited competition in each circle.

Camp Cellular isn't exactly pleased with this sudden support. Nor are they willing to bite the carrot. Says a service provider, "Isn't it obvious one has to pay the fee to offer the service? So what new is he saying?" A senior COAI (Cellular Operators' Association of India) official explains: "WLL operators are anyway not allowed to provide unlimited mobility. The actual question is why should...

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