14 May, 2021

Weapons In The Fridge

Tomorrow if Pakistan ceases to be useful, the US will simply wash its hands of them. But tomorrow is another day, and today Musharraf is US' best buddy.

illustration by Sandeep Adhwaryu
Weapons In The Fridge
If I were an American, my ears would burn in shame. If I were an Iraqi, my ears would burn in anger. Given Saddam Hussein's track-record, no right-thinking person can be on his side. But as it turns out, no right-thinking person can be on George Bush's side either. The Bush administration had turned every law, rule and trick in the book to twist the tail of the Evil One. But it looks as if there isn't much of a tail to twist. So far, the surprise raids by the UN weapons inspectors on Iraqi factories and palaces, armouries and barracks, have yielded no secret hoards of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. So what did the Americans base their intelligence on? How were they so sure Saddam Hussein had this secret cache of deadly weapons? Either the Iraqis have weapons that they have succeeded in concealing beautifully—in which case the Americans are not as smart as we presume. Or the Iraqis simply don't have the weapons they are accused of possessing—in which case the Americans are not as truthful as we assume. Either way, the Americans don't come off very well. If I were an...

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