11 May, 2021

"We Would Like To Come To Power"

Tamil Maanila Congress chief G.K. Moopanar spoke to Outlook on the prospects of his party. Excerpts

"We Would Like To Come To Power"

Is your party trying to occupy the slot vacated by the AIADMK?

It is not necessary to occupy a vacancy. I think the TMC is creating a slot for itself. That slot extends to the area vacated by the AIADMK too.

Will your desire to come to power in Tamil Nadu affect your relationship with the DMK?

The aim of any political party is to come to power and expressing the desire to rule will not be mistaken by my friend Karunanidhi. Whatever had been our political positions, they did not come in the way of our deep friendship. Hence, the aspiration of the TMC is not an anti-DMK stand.

After being dictated to by the Congress high command for three decades, how is it like to be a high command in your own right?

I have a lot of freedom to decide. But the responsibility is much more than the freedom. I can't blame Delhi any longer. And this overwhelming responsibility makes me tread cautiously.

How do you assess the United Front Government's performance?

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