20 September, 2020

'We Will See This Arrest Through'

Critics label Maharashtra deputy CM and home minister Chhagan Bhujbal's action against Thackeray as politics of revenge. Speaking to Outlook, Bhujbal avows he's being fair. No politics. No personalities. Only the keeping of a promise made to people.

'We Will See This Arrest Through'

Is it Chhagan Bhujbal or the home minister who's moved this file against Thackeray?
It is the home minister, of course. Who is Chhagan Bhujbal?

Revenge is sweet. Isn't there a slight element of political vendetta here?
No, absolutely not. It was a promise in the manifestos of all parties in the coalition. It's also part of our kimaan samaan karikram (common minimum programme). Then again, Abu Azmi's file was pending before us. Had I not acted on it, the opposition would've bayed for my blood. And fair's fair. Action had to be taken against Thackeray for the kind of communal passions he incited. Had I spared Azmi, they'd have linked me to the isi. Had I spared Thackeray they'd have said I am frightened of him. I detest both charges and gave them no room for casting such as persions.

Yet the Samajwadi Party (whose state president Azmi is) is part of your coalition...
'Without fear or favour' - these words were part of my oath of office. I haven't feared Thackeray or favoured Azmi and vice versa. I'm not punishing them, only sanctioned...



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