23 June, 2021

‘We Were Not Happy With India’s Stance At The IAEA’

Iran’s ambassador to India says that his country is thankful to India for ignoring the US sanctions, though.

Jitender Gupta
‘We Were Not Happy With India’s Stance At The IAEA’

Seyed Mehdi Nabizadeh, Iran’s ambassador to India, has been keeping a very busy schedule, what with Washington, Tel Aviv and other western capitals issuing tough statements against Iran’s nuclear weapons programme. These have raised the spectre of a possible military confrontation in the Persian Gulf. The conflict between Iran and the US is linked to the reports of the director-general (D-G) of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which were simultaneously sent to the agency’s board of governors and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Iran contends that the UNSC is not a technical body which can take decisions on matters nuclear.

Since 2005, India has been consistently voting on resolutions against Iran at the meeting of the board of governors. The resolutions and D-G reports, finally, led to the United Nations imposing sanctions against Iran. There is also a set of sanctions that the US has been trying to impose on Iran, banning foreign entities from entering into trade with Tehran on certain...

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