25 June, 2021

We Welcome, But…

The big question is why was demonetisation made so painful for the poor, the working and the middle classes?

We Welcome, But…

Outlook wholeheartedly welcomes Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s bold move to curb black money. Trashing of high-value currency notes, no doubt, is a sure step towards reaching the government’s goal. To say that corruption and its end product, black money, are the greatest ills that plague this nation is to repeat an embarrassing cliché. Whether our Hindutva friends of the Ramanand Sagar troupe agree or not, from Lord Ram downwards, we are a corrupt nation (don’t forget the bribing of Vibheesh­ana with the offer of a crown, no less). Corruption and black money are the two bio­polymer strands coiled around each other to form the Indian nation’s double helix DNA structure, a little like our unique ardhanareeshwara. In that sense, the entire subcontinent has the same dark convoluted DNA. The most sanctimonious among the Indian lot would seek the largest portion of black ­money during a land transaction. To cheat the taxman is supposed to be a natio­nal pastime. If we listen carefu­lly to the dhak dhak of our hearts, we can...

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