28 October, 2020

'We Should Have Some Self-esteem'

Arundhati Ghose, India's ambassador to the CD, in a telephonic interview from Geneva with Sunil Narula, speaks on India's blocking the CTBT. Excerpts:

'We Should Have Some Self-esteem'

The US apart, did you come under pressure from Russia and China on the entry-into-force clause (EIF)?

It's not fair to say the US is pressuring us. It has said that while it regrets our position, it respects it. The Americans are realists, they know what's what, at least in Geneva. China and Russia were, in fact, adamant. The US was willing and keen to tie the five nuclear powers, but China and Russia said no. Even the UK had come around. It was clear during the negotiations who was adamant about the clause. We aren't talking N-disarmament.

What if it goes to the UN General Assembly (UNGA)?

In the UNGA you vote. If it goes there we'll vote against it. We held it up here because it names us after we said we won't sign.

What was the mood like in the meetings? Did anyone say you were a spoiler?

Well, some people tried saying only one country was not agreeing to the text. But three years ago, it was only one country, the US, which held up the expansion of the Conference on Disarmament...



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