21 June, 2021

"We Must Keep The Bjp Out Of Power"

On polling day in his Thrissoor constituency, Union Industries Minister and friend-turned-foe of Prime Minister Narasimha Rao, K. Karunakaran, spoke to A.S. Panneerselvanabout the possibility of a non-BJP, non-Rao coalition involving th

"We Must Keep The Bjp Out Of Power"
This is, practically speaking, the first election for the Congress without a leader from the Nehru-Gandhi family at the helm. How do you look at the prospects

Yes, it is indeed true that no other leader in our party possesses the same kind of charisma as the Nehrus and Gandhis. The members of that family had the ability to address the entire nation, cutting across all the regional, cultural and religious divides. It is a major loss. A void that is staring us in our face. But it is the duty of the Congress to provide a leadership for the country and protect the integrity and sovereignity of the nation. Though no single individual can fill that role, the Congress as a political party can still determine the future course of our country. And it should do that.

But the Congress is now quite a fragmented party, isn't it?

The leaders who left the party recently are true nationalists. They know their responsibilities. In a crisis, all of them will come together for the national cause.

Is this possible while P.V....

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