23 June, 2021

‘We May Look At Private Hospitals That Overcharge’

The Competition Commission of India chairman talks about the challenges ahead

Jitender Gupta
‘We May Look At Private Hospitals That Overcharge’

After being viewed as largely dormant since its inception in 2009, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) has had an eventful year-and-a-half under its present chairman, Ashok Chawla. The imposition of a hefty Rs 6,300-crore penalty on cement companies grabbed the headlines last year, but the CCI—whose job is to safeguard consumer interest by targeting companies who abuse their market dominance or set up cartels—is still fighting that out in the courts. In an interview with Lola Nayar, Chawla talks about the challenges ahead. Excerpts:

From cement to tyres to film distribution, the CCI has filed numerous cases. How effective have you been in tackling cartels?

As you know, we have passed an order regarding cement. We looked at the tyre sector quite intensively too but couldn’t find substantive evidence. We are looking at the steel sector, particularly the hot-rolled coils, where some user industries allege a cartelisation. We looked at the airline fares not once but...

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