14 June, 2021

'We Have To Evolve Our Autonomy, Not Copy Bbc'

Nikhil Chakravartty,

'We Have To Evolve Our Autonomy, Not Copy Bbc'

Will DD and AIR change as dramatically as is being suggested?

It is not simply a question of autonomy from the government, something that we've been campaigning for since Emergency. The concept of autonomy has to be clearly defined. We cannot copy BBC. We have to evolve an autonomy that suits the Indian reality.

If you ignore the market, won't your reliance on grants from the government undermine your autonomy?

The basis of this experiment will be our national experience with a mixed economy. We will not just be market-driven or be government-supported. We'll be a combination of the two.

How will you achieve this?

We would like to harness the market, not be subservient to it. If the attitude is that I have to sell a product even if it isn't socially relevant, it won't work. A villager may not be conditioned to such fare.

Shouldn't the changes be effected one step at a time?

I agree. Demand is one thing, its implementation is quite another. It will be a bit like consensus politics. We have to take everyone along—that's...

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