15 June, 2021

'We Have To Consider The Many Unfreedoms'

In a rare interview addressing key contemporary issues, Dr Sen, the 1998 Nobel laureate for economics, spoke on the BJP's intolerance, the bomb fiasco, hunger and poverty ...

'We Have To Consider The Many Unfreedoms'

A recent survey by the Centre for Study of Developing Societies says that four-fifths of Indians, which is 800 million of the 1 billion who comprise our population, are unaware of reforms. This only underlines the point you've often made: that creation and use of social opportunities require much more than the "freeing" of markets. Does liberalisation and globalisation intended at just a fifth of the population make sense? What are the specific steps that the government must take to draw the majority into the reform process so that it touches their lives?
The reforms that are needed in India require not only greater access to economic opportunities offered by the market and exchange but also greater ability of common people to make use of these opportunities. I keep repeating myself in public discussions (I don't mind that, since the issue is important) that fuller use of the opportunities opened up by appropriate economic reforms requires commensurate expansion of social opportunities, in the form of more schooling, expansion of basic healthcare,...

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