09 March, 2021

“We Had A Political Magazine Ready In The Mid-’70s”

Media baron Nari Hira on his stellar career and the relevance of magazines.

Yiannis Katsaris
“We Had A Political Magazine Ready In The Mid-’70s”

Nari Hira, the publishing supremo behind Stardust, Society, Savvy and many more titles, has been at the forefront of magazine journalism for more than 40 years. Taking the natural leap from puffy conversations with stars to digging into their personal lives, the media baron altered the movie industry dynamics forever, with Stardust’s first cover story asking ‘Is Rajesh Khanna secretly married?’ way back in 1971. So how relevant does he feel magazines are today? And what have been his highs and lows in a stellar career? Saptarshi Ray catches up with him in London for an exclusive interview with Outlook:

What drew you to the magazine format?

I started my career in advertising, and then founded my own agency—but I was always very fond of writing. The restrictions on writing in advertising meant space was short, obviously...and I knew publishing was what I wanted to do.

Also at that time, in the early ’70s, I felt there was a vacuum in...

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