03 August, 2021

We Got Herb

Colorado’s marijuana legalisation ticks many boxes

We Got Herb

Want to see the Northern Lights or would you prefer to be lost in a Purple Haze? Perhaps an infused brownie will awaken the keener senses. Because, as Bob Dylan decreed some decades back: “Everybody Must Get Stoned.” In Jamaica, Peter Tosh commanded in 1976: “Legalise it, don’t criticise it. Legalise it, yeah, yeah, and I will advertise it.” In India, it has the blessings of the gods if not always of the mortals, and no Shiva bhakt can claim to be true sans a chillum or two.

Now millions of connoisseurs around the world can tip their joints to the lucky citizens of the serene republic of Col­o­rado who are living out their wildest fantasy—scoring pot, not from the neighbourhood pusher in some dark alley but from flood-lit, swa­nky clean, state-approved shops. It comes pure, weighed and packed like any other product on the market.

On January 1, Colorado, literally, went to weed. It became the first US state to sell recreational marijuana, bringing to conclusion a debate that has raged in America since the hippie days....

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