26 September, 2020

We Cannot Have It Both Ways

Either it was a well-planned crime or the clumsy success of the most inept bunch of terrorists. It can't be both.

We Cannot Have It Both Ways
I have been at "Ground Zero". I have spoken with those who survived, with those who escaped and with the families of those who did not. It is an appalling sight. They are pitiful stories. But we cannot have it both ways.

Either Osama bin Laden and his followers committed a meticulously-planned and cunningly-executed crime with horrific coordination, as the Bush administration says. Or it was the clumsy success of the most indiscreet, garrulous and inept bunch of terrorists in history. It cannot be both.

The evidence for the former thesis is clear. Four large jet aircraft, each heavily laden with fuel for a cross-country flight, were hijacked at almost the same time from three international airports in three states. The aircraft, once hijacked, were flown abruptly off-course, but level, under control and on a clear flight path. Three were crashed with deadly precision into three buildings in two cities. The fourth went into the ground, apparently due to a cockpit fight between passengers and the hijackers.

This is very sophisticated stuff, the work of experts....


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