01 August, 2021

"We Are Serious About The Bill"

Law Minister Ramakant Khalap's port -folio lies in a curiously vantage position. Because legal affairs, as they are understood, are the preserve of the courts and political affairs are looked after by the Cabinet. His job is to often do the balancing

"We Are Serious About The Bill"
There are fears that the substitution of the word 'servant' with 'functionary' will take elected representatives out of the purview of the Prevention of Corruption Act.

The fears are unfounded. If you read the bill, it is clear that all ministers and MPs are included for investigation under the Lokpal bill. A change of word does not mean that the basic tenets of Lokpal will be altered. After all the bill does not seek to alter the Prevention of Corruption Act.

Some MPs have raised objections.

That is a fact. Some of them, and their number is very small, are of the opinion that politicians are not, strictly speaking, public servants. They are appointed by people who they represent. So in a sense, the Government does not give them appointment letters. But that is not the general view.

What is the UF's stand on Lokpal?

Introducing the Lokpal bill has been one of our main commitments. Irrespective of the speculation, we are serious about introducing it on the floor of the House. I cannot give a definite date because so many political parties are involved...

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