25 July, 2021

"We Are Serious About Achieving A Breakthrough With The Ulfa"

Almost a year into his second term, Assam Chief Minister Prafulla Kumar Mahanta is a much-matured politician these days. His interaction with other senior politicians at the national level as a member of the United Front's steering committee has help

"We Are Serious About Achieving A Breakthrough With The Ulfa"

What exactly is the status of talks with the militant groups?

The Centre has taken the initiative to hold talks with militant groups and even we are making efforts simultaneously to bring all the insurgent groups to the negotiating table.

How is it being done? Has any contact been established with these militant groups?

It would be premature for me to divulge anything at the moment but suffice it to say that we are serious about achieving a breakthrough.

Are you going to meet the terms set by ULFA for a breakthrough?

As I have said before, if the Centre has no

objection to holding talks in a third country, we, at the state government level, will have no problems on this count. Ultimately, the aim is to get the talks going.

Will you suspend army operations if the ULFA agrees to negotiate?

Our offer has been there for a long time. The point is, we have to see who comes forward for talks. The top leaders of the outfit must come out, otherwise I will be...

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