02 August, 2021

Watching Over Our Pond

Trump may embolden China, but India-US ties are on firm ground

Trump at the Republican Hindu Coalition rally in New Jersey
Photograph by Snaps India
Watching Over Our Pond

Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election has been stunning. We have to assess its implications for us, the region and the world in general. We have had an indication of his thinking from what he said during his campaign, but these do not amount to policy statements. Many were ill-considered, impulsive and even reckless. Once he assumes the presidency and gets briefed comprehensively and is faced with the complexity of the issues involved and the consequences of choices made, policies would then get properly defined. But we can expect him to be protectionist and isolationist, but to what degree will be known in time.

We are not aware of who his advisers are. When he chooses his government one would know who are close to him. India-US relations have become quite dynamic, but that rhythm would be broken because the new administration would take time to be formed. We will have to deal with entirely new people at the political and bureaucratic levels and educate them on the potential of the India-US relationship as seen by us.

We need not be too...

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