15 May, 2021

Washington’s Veto Vendetta

The US finds itself isolated on a second term for Boutros-Ghali

Washington’s Veto Vendetta

IT was a muddled Monday. While a closed-door meet on Afghanistan at the United Nations (UN) drew little or no notice on November 18, all attention was focused on the UN Security Council on the second floor of the world body’s New York headquarters. Mediapersons keenly shadowed every diplomat around to pose one question: would controversial UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali secure another five-year term?

While Boutros-Ghali was on a visit to Bonn this June, sources in the US administration disclosed to the New York Times that Washington would not support another term for the irrepressible UN chief. The Times is also said to have telephoned the secretary-general in Germany for comment. Within an hour and much to the amazement of the few journalists who happened to be at the UN headquarters that afternoon, UN spokesman Ahmed Fawzi called a hasty press conference to announce Bout-ros-Ghali’s decision to run for another term.

The curious sequence of events would not surprise those who have followed...

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