14 May, 2021

Washington Consensus

The new Indo-US ‘strategic embrace’ raises prickly questions

Jitender Gupta
Washington Consensus

Implications Of The New Indo-US Strategic Embrace

  • An attempt to gang up against China will bring back strains in bilateral ties
  • The US continues to be ambivalent on India’s position on the McMahon Line in its boundary dispute with China
  • India’s entry into UN Security Council  will depend on active support from Washington as well as China and Russia
  • A close Indo-US strategic embrace may force China-Russia-Pakistan to realign and form a partnership
  • China is a major source from which India needs significant investment in infrastructure. Will it continue to come?
  • India, China have common positions on climate change, WTO and greater say in IMF and World Bank. A split will weaken India’s position.


Diplomats and policymakers in India and the region may still be trying to get a grasp on the full import of Barack Obama’s three-day visit...

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