02 March, 2021

Was The Match Fixed?

Tendulkar faced 20 deliveries and managed a paltry three runs against a popgun attack. Something sinister lurking around the St Georges Park changerooms?

Was The Match Fixed?
Remember Bob Dylan's "The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind!" How on earth could India lose to a bunch of cricketers so out of their depths? It is embarrassing. Ganguly and his team management should be taken to task for plunging Indian cricket even further into the shadowy depths of places where even angels fear to tread.

On a day when South Africa received a mixed verdict on the Hansie Cronje judgement, whispers all around suggested that the loss had a bad feel about it and that something sinister was lurking around the St Georges Park changerooms. From the time the team was dramatically changed to accommodate players who aren't going to be playing in the final next Friday in Durban, the Indian team seemed nonchalant and carefree. Indian cricket should never ever allow any team to take the park below its best strength. Playing for India should be something so sacred that it is treasured and guarded by every player, politician and countryman. The social benefits are huge and, therefore, the sacrifices made by all players will be justified only if they give their best...

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