27 February, 2021

Was It Happenstance?

Why did the US partially lift sanctions and then clamp down on India with a blacklist?

Was It Happenstance?

WILL the ping-pong vis-avis sanctions ever end? Or the US doublespeak, for that matter? The irony couldn’t be more stark. First, the US partially lifted economic sanctions – with a distinct Pakistan bias – and then administered the sting in the tail, by blacklisting a huge Indian institutes and private companies, denying them the right to import US goods for their alleged links with nuclear weapons and ballistic missile development. The same fate befell many Pakistani institutions.

Says a defensive US Administration official: "There has been a strange confluence of events. The ‘entities list’ is the end of a process that began in June. It represents the last stages of the application of sanctions. The fact that it coincides with the first stage of the relaxation of sanctions is totally accidental and even embarrassing for us." The US, he says, would "want to encourage India in the area of non-proliferation and the CTBT where we recognise that progress has been made. At the same time you have this list coming out now, whose timing is pure...

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