04 August, 2021

War Within Gandhi

How would he reconcile support for a bloody war with ahimsa?

Getty Images (From Outlook 31 March 2014)
War Within Gandhi

The Navies’ role

Short notes on the Great War

Britain was the great sea power of the day, outstripping all others by some distance. Yet its great achie­vement lay in negatives. Barring the inconclusive Battle of Jutland in May 1916 and a few skirmishes, it acted as a great deterrent—locking away the German High Seas Fleet in their North Sea harbours behind minefields. British trade on the seas thus went on unhinde­red—not a single troopship was sunk in the channel—while German trade was swept from the seas. But British and Allied shipping did lose millions of tonnes every month to German U-boats, which rampaged in the Atlan­tic. Things rea­ched alarming proportions in 1917, influencing the British offensive in Ypres and scaring the Ame­ri­cans. Matters improved when the Admiralty adopted the ‘convoy’ system of escorting merchant ships. The reason was a curious contradiction—the determination to have as many modern warships as possible, but coupled with a deep fear of exposing them...

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