11 May, 2021

Wanted: Men With Guts

By going after Bihar criminals like Shahabuddin, two officers have redefined governance

Sandeep Adhwaryu
Wanted: Men With Guts
I have never met Chandrakant Anil. Nor Ratn Sanjay. Yet, I salute the 1991 IAS-1998 IPS duo currently serving Siwan. I believe the entire Indian civil service should give them a standing ovation for doing what few in the system have had the courage to do. They have put the common weal before career or even personal safety. They have given us an example of what good governance can mean in the day-to-day life of one of India's most backward states. In fact, if the rule of law had been upheld by the civil service the first time any Shahabuddin tried to raise his head in Siwan, perhaps we would never have seen this day!

By reading out the law to Mohammed Shahabuddin, MP, in his own language, the duo has redefined the lingua franca of governance in Bihar. Raids on the MP's house have revealed tiger and deer skins, night-vision goggles, laser-aided guns and other arms with Pakistani ordnance markings. Photos of Shahabuddin with some of India's most wanted criminals have also been seized. In other words, a man who sits in the hallowed halls of Parliament is a national security...

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