03 December, 2020

Wanted: A Pretty Einstein?

Beauty pageants per se are not objectionable, insidious propaganda is

Wanted: A Pretty Einstein?

THE arguments both for and against it are known. Beauty pageants demean women; they empower women (think of small-town girls, of career opportunities). Beauty emphasises only one aspect, the physical, to the exclusion of others; physical beauty is something to be proud of. Only tall girls with Caucasian looks can win global beauty contests; exotic Indian beauties are dazzling the world. India (or rather The Times of) produces world-class lookers; Indian only wins since it's the emerging market for foreign cosmetics.

So it runs. Ten years ago, if someone told me I could watch the Miss World contest live on my TV set, I might have considered getting some friends together, ordering in some beer and taking bets on likely winners. Politically incorrect? Absolutely. Yet, I can think of equally ambiguous pastimes that seem to rouse little of the same ire. Heavyweight boxing. Formula One racing. Critics may carp but let me posit one argument: that the world isn't perfect. We aren't perfect creatures. In our imperfect beings, we harbour strange desires to see men punch each other in...



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