30 November, 2020

Waifs Of The Gutters

Alwar's biases show up in its ditches and dumps in the form of mutilated female foetuses

Tribhuvan Tiwari
Waifs Of The Gutters
The drains of Alwar are throwing up fresh, barbaric evidence of India's bias against the girl child these days. In the ditches and festering garbage heaps of this nondescript Rajasthan town, aborted foetuses and carcasses of abandoned newborns, mostly female, have been making grisly appearances. Limbless, headless, animal-nibbled, decomposed...these tiny bodies of unborn, just-born babies repeat an old, nauseating narrative: of extreme prejudice and putrefied morality.

The horror unleashed itself early this month, when Alwar's municipality began cleaning drains in time for the monsoon. Two foetuses, in a highly decayed state, were discovered in a sewer near the town's G.D. Government Girls College on June 8. Three days later, panicky Arya Nagar resident Babu Lal Saini called up the police after a stray dog dragged a headless female foetus to his doorstep. Saini shudders in recollection: "Her umbilical chord was still intact, little nails had developed on the only hand left in her body clearly showing that she had been aborted very late in the pregnancy. I had never seen...


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