05 August, 2021

VYAPAM & Stew To Die For

The scam is no longer a state subject, it has become a Sangh family affair

Jitender Gupta
VYAPAM & Stew To Die For

Either Vyapam is the biggest political scandal in free India’s history—or the most ham-handed. Every day its puppeteers and perpetrators, seeking to stem its stench, find a new victim to snuff out of existence. A TV journalist one day; a college dean the next. Forty-eight people have perished so far, 23 of them in mysterious circumstances. But as ‘caged parrot’ CBI swoops in on the Supreme Court’s orders to get to the bottom of it, the question is how deep it will really be allowed to dig in the BJP-ruled state when the letters R-S-S stare at it.

The connection dates back to 1990, when Sudhir Sharma started his career as a teacher in the RSS-run Saraswati Shishu Mandir. His father Babulal Sha­rma, a clerk in the dairy corporation, sold milk in the evenings to make ends meet. Today, however, Sharma is estimated to be worth over Rs 20,000 crore; his empire straddling mining, education and media, among other interests. His meteoric rise is traced to his decision to resign from a technology university in 2003 to become officer on special duty...

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