07 May, 2021

Volatile Equations

Benyamin Netanyahu wants peace, but on his own terms

Volatile Equations

HAS the West Asia peace process collapsed with the advent of the right-wing Likud government in Israel? The answer depends on who you ask. While Palestinian National Authority (PNA) officials are deeply concerned now that the declared opponents of the Oslo agreement are in power in Israel, Jordan's King Hussein expressed optimism about the future of the peace process immediately after the election of the new Israeli Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu. And, after a closed-door meeting with Net-anyahu at his Cairo palace, Egyptian President Hosni Mub arak echoed Hussain's view.

An alarmed PNA chief, Yasser Arafat, rushed to Egypt after Netanyahu left. In a statement later, he stressed that it remained to be seen whether Israel would observe its obligations to the peace process.

These opposing views—the sceptical Palestinians and the optimistic Hussein and Muba-rak—stem from differing expectations from the peace process. The Palestinians want an independent state with East Jerusalem as their capital. But Jordan feels that a strong Palestinian state in the...

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