15 May, 2021

Vinod Khanna

The actor-producer-BJP MP on getting industry status accorded to Bollywood

Vinod Khanna
Industry status was top priority for Bollywood. Were you instrumental in pushing it through?
Yes, I've worked hard to get industry status. The effort began in '94 when I met prime minister Narasimha Rao.

Has being a BJP MP helped you in this?
Yes, it's been much easier.

Is this a step towards institutional finance and many steps away from dubiously sourced funds?
Industry status will not bring institutional finance. For this, the RBI needs to formulate norms for risk evaluation in the film industry like it did for the software industry.

If the money comes, will it rid Bollywood of the mafia and extortion?
To the extent that for those desperate producers who turned to dubious sources in the absence of institutional finance, it will.

Are red and green channels a solution or should the censor be removed?
I think the idea floated by the I&B minister is excellent. It involves the same self-regulation that the film industry has been talking about.

Like the US, would it be best to have a...

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