24 October, 2020

Vikram Chandra

The Bombay boy rustles up more servings of the city as Love and Longing... scores

Vikram Chandra
How do you feel about the Commonwealth prize?
It's like sitting under a tree for a rest and having a spectacular mango drop into your lap. Chances of such a happening are small...but when it happens, it's very delicious.

Specially if you stump Arundhati Roy to it?
Literature isn't a horse-race. To believe that you'd not only have to be fatally full of hubris, but also dim-witted. And Mr and Mrs Chandra didn't raise any dumb children.

Naipaul recently said India will see more and more writers now.
Yes, absolutely. We've reached a period of intense ferment—a rising economy; a booming publishing industry; intense media attention. Also, the contradictions of culture and politics—mad India will hurl us into poetry. Writers will emerge out of this.

Your book is a considerable departure from your debut novel. Why?
I wanted to stretch new muscles. It's plain boring to do the same thing all the time.

But why Bombay? Don't you think it's been done to death?
Do I sense a little Northie,...


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