05 August, 2021


A career makeover for the captain in the Tamil film industry? His political party will be launched soon.

Why the jump to politics?
Since childhood I've been into social service. Even my films have social themes. I've been donating sewing machines, cycles to the needy, beds to hospitals.

Couldn't you continue that without joining politics?
Politics will enable me to render such service better.

But common people view politics as a corrupt game.
When my fan's associations work for social welfare, all kinds of problems crop up. This will cease with a political party.

What is the ideological basis of your unnamed party?
Opposing caste-based parties, fighting corruption.

But don't you have a specific caste appeal too—the Naickers?
If some caste votes for me out of love, I can't help it.

Are you opposed to caste and the caste system?
No. Caste has always been there and will be there. But caste-based politics is wrong.

Isn't the political scene in TN already cluttered with too many parties?
There's always place for genuine, clean politics.

What is the strength of your fan...

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