30 July, 2021

Vidya Balan

The Parineeta girl on Kismet Konnection, her forthcoming film with Shahid Kapoor

Vidya Balan
So, what’s the Kismet Konnection?

It’s a love story about a common man, his struggles and aspirations. It’s about real people and real situations. There’s a huge need for films like this that give hope.

You turned down Dasavathaaram. How keen were you on this project?

I believe in Aziz Mirza’s kind of films. Life today is so fast-paced and everyone’s caught up in big pursuits—big money or big success. There’s no time to cherish the small moments. That’s what makes this film meaningful.

You and Shahid... Isn’t it odd pairing?

No. I’ve always played roles beyond my age and it’s here that I finally get to play my age. Everyone seems to be loving the promos.

Your best performance so far?

Undoubtedly Parineeta.

Your Air Tel ads are a huge hit.

It was a great script and Maddie (Madhavan) and I had fun shooting them. Again, it’s romance and romance needs time.

You and Madhavan seem to share a good chemistry that’s evident since...

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